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Titan XQ

Titan XQ

Welding is as diverse as life itself. Every user wants something different from their welding machine. Titan XQ now allows everyone to have their own machine configured to best suit their particular needs and applications. Gas- or water-cooled models for 350 A, 400 A, 500 A and 600 A are available. Only one aspect remains the same: optimum quality with a long service life, excellent welding properties and intuitive operation of every model in the Titan XQ series.

Configurable on an individual basis – precisely tailored to your needs
Customised design: with and without gas cylinder holder for one or two cylinders, mains cable length up to 15 m, versions for two wire feeders and more.

lexFit casing system
Intermediate hose package holder, wire feeder cross arm – you name it: many individually used accessories and options can be fixed to the extruded aluminium profile of the housing’s upper cross members using the practical slot nuts.

An inverter power source that won’t even dry up in the desert

Providing a sustainable, power-saving welding current is the art of the electronic inverter. The new Titan inverter technology excels even in extremely tough continuous operation and under extreme environmental conditions. This is thanks to its extremely high duty cycle, high efficiency and EWM`s renowned longevity and robust workmanship. The generous dimensioning of all components is also responsible for these outstanding inner values. The cooling of the semiconductor, in particular, guarantees this innovative welding machine has an especially long service life.

Ready to use anywhere –Titan XQ doesn’t know the meaning of “no”
Can be used under all climatic conditions, including heat, frost, rain, snow and dusty atmospheres
Operating range –25 °C to +40 °C
Splash-proof – protection rating IP23
Multi-voltage capability – can work with a mains voltage of 400 V, 415 V, 460 V, 480 V and 500 V

Other features
Fan control in the inverter – energy-saving
Easy servicing and maintenance
Earth fault monitoring (PE protection)
Generous design of all components – high power reserves, high duty cycle of 80%
Energy-cost-saving inverter technology

Always keep a cool welding torch

Extremely efficient welding torch water cooling for high-performance arcs guarantees torches are kept cold and, consequently, ensures low life-cycle costs for consumables and torch maintenance, even under difficult ambient conditions. High cooling capacity of 1,500 watts – reduces the quantity of welding torch consumables and increases the torch's service life
8-litre water tank: sufficient coolant water reserves, even for long hose packages
Allows comfortable operation thanks to reliable cooling, even in continuous operation
Titan XQ is available in gas- and water-cooled versions
Standard version with 3.5-bar pump
Heavy-duty 4.5-bar pump for use with long hose packages or with great height differences in activities such as ship and vehicle construction
Flow monitor featured as standard
The cooling unit has a modular design and can be retrofitted or replaced in just a few easy steps
Temperature-monitored coolant
Temperature- and speed-controlled cooling fan

All the processes, one welding machine, one price!

forceArc/forceArc puls – high-performance arc with deep penetration
wiredArc/wiredArc puls – high-performance arc with penetration stabilisation based on dynamic wire control
rootArc/rootArc puls – for perfect root welding
coldArc/coldArc puls – minimises heat for thin metal sheet welding
Positionweld – for positional welding
Pulsed and standard arc
TIG and MMA welding, gouging

Drive 4 XQ

Hard work can be made so easy. Whether on scaffolding, difficult to access work positions or large components – the flexible Drive XQ wire feeder is an agreeable companion. Only 13 kg (without wire spool) to carry with the ergonomically balanced handle – even through a manhole, if necessary. The high-precision wire feeding with four rolls guarantees constant welding results, saves aggravation and pays off – a long service life is assured, even when used in tough three-shift operating conditions

DGC – electronic gas flow control saves you money
Prevents welding errors caused by too much or too little gas
Efficiency through gas savings thanks to accurate settings
Precise, digitally adjustable gas quantity
Suitable gas quantity for the respective welding task (JOB) optimally set at the factory
Exact gas quantity depending on the shielding gas automatically without conversion for argon mixed gas, CO2, helium

WHS – wire spool heater, the new dry spell
Preheating prevents moisture accumulating on the welding wire
Controlled temperature to 40 °C
Reduced risk of hydrogen pores

WRS – wire reserve sensor, no surprises during welding
Warns at 10% residual quantity of the wire spool by means of a control lamp
Minimises the risk of weld defects as a result of the wire running out during the welding process
Forward-looking production planning reduces non-productive times and thus production costs as a new wire spool can be inserted in good time

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