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LT9 COMBO is a fully automatic fiber laser cutting center that is able to process both tube (round, square, rectangular, open profiles from 16 mm up to 225 mm diameter for round profiles, 160 x160 mm for square sections) as well as sheet metal thanks to its flexible features and excellent performance without any compromise. Thanks to an innovative project, which is the result of over 20 years of experience in the laser world, the machine can change from sheet to tube and vice versa without having to be set-up again and/or without any modification to the configuration. Configurations available with loading and unloading of bars up to 12500 mm in length (standard 6500 mm). Fully automatic sheet loading and processing, thanks to the changing device for pallets measuring up to 3000 x 9000 mm (optional) - (standard 3000 x 1500 mm) allowing unmanned operation. The machine can be equipped with a choice, namely:

Possible jobs:

  • with 3 kW fibre laser source, fitted with a complete technological database for all traditional materials (iron, stainless steel) and high-reflecting materials (aluminium, copper, brass) in both processing modes (tube and steel sheet). Configured in this way, the LT9 COMBO is the top of the range in the laser cutting technology sector as far as flexibility, innovation, production and energy saving are concerned.
  • with a CO2 laser source (from 2 kW up to 4.5 kW), fitted with a technological database for traditional materials (iron, stainless steel, aluminium alloys) in both processing modes (tube and steel sheet).

The LT9 COMBO laser cutting machine is a valid alternative to a double investment, when looking for the utmost flexibility in terms of use alongside the production output.

Materials Thickness
Stainless Steel(Sheet) 8-10 mm
Mild Steel(Sheet) 20 mm
Aluminium 10 mm
Brass 6 mm
Copper 6 mm

LT5 has the same features and the same benefits of other Lasertube models with a lower investment level. It 's suitable to cut standard tubes up to 13.5 kg / m weight and in particular:

  • Round tubes up to 120 mm diameter
  • Square up to 100 mm
  • Rectangles, ovals and elliptical semi-flat/full up to 120x70 mm

The main features are tube automatic manipulation, from bar loader to piece unloader, easy to use The programming software Artube is a three-dimensional, parametric, Artube CAD-CAM package specifically designed, developed and dedicated for tube applications, that amplifies the productivity potential of the machine


High Performance

The use of linear motors guarantees dynamic performance that place the LT9 COMBO in direct competition with the best systems on the market for both tube and steel sheet processing.

Zero swarfs

The tube line is fitted with two pass-through CNC controlled mandrels that can process the entire bar at both ends and without any swarfs (complete bar processing) due to the fact that there is no traversing movement of the tube. This solution allows high dynamic performances and guarantees accuracy even with heavy tubes.

Universal patented shaped supports

The bar being processed is supported and guided thanks to supporting templates (patented) that adapt to any type of section and do not require any specific set-up. As the tube does not traverse along the working line during the process, the templates do not rub against the tube surface, therefore no surface damage is caused

Artube, the difference

3D parametric CAD/CAM package developed to process tubes enhances the production capacities of the machine and exploits all the functions.

In addition to the standard configuration

  • Steel sheet storage/handling device that further increases the system's production output.
  • Process control device to optimise, speed up and monitor the cutting process. During the boring phase it controls the laser source so as to achieve the best possible compromise between the bore quality and the boring time.
  • Single or double tower tray storage for steel sheets.

WHY LT9 Combo is a single investment that is worth two

This is because it encloses two production processes for tube and steel sheet in one, with fully-automatic loading and unloading in both cases, combined with a high production output without compromises. All this with just one machine. never stops

The machine's automation level and its effectiveness in piece handling allow continuous unmanned production. handles production changes without any problem

Passing from tube to steel sheet and vice versa is done "on the fly" and does not require any mechanical retooling. This means that there are no drops in the machine's production output, that the machine can easily handle any variations in the production programme and it can immediately become a quick solution to any sudden requirement. is ready to grasp new opportunities

The system has been designed to provide the utmost flexibility and be able to process special, open, concave and asymmetric sections without any particular difficulty. Each special section can be a business opportunity or the solution to an implementation problem that would otherwise be critical.

....there is no other of its kind on the market

In a sector like that of sheet laser cutting, where the technological level achieved by the market's leading manufacturers is getting closer and more aligned, the LT9 COMBO is the only one of its kind to offer tube cutting at this performance level.