Agile automatic tool changer

The only automatic tool change for large press brakes.


  • Frequent tool changes
  • Complex Setups
  • Expensive and heavy tools
  • Special parts
  • Human Factor

Until now, automatic tool changers for press brakes have only focused on speed and the elimination of tooling errors.

From today with Agile you can accept large volumes of work and achieve total customization even with large parts.

Agile is the tool changer for press brakes interpreted and designed by Gasparini, dedicated to companies looking for the best from their machines. With Agile, you can perform a large number of processes, from high thicknesses up to 290 mm deep boxes.


Agile is the perfect combination of process automation and increased production capacity.

press brake automatic tool change
  • Ergonomics, safety and usability
  • Safe and effective tooling with every program
  • Press brakes up to 640 tons and 8 meters of bending length
  • Maximum customization of the work area
  • Complete tooling along the entire length
  • Maximum productivity for all operators
  • Tools are protected from damage and corrosion, sorted and ready for use
  • Boxes up to 290 mm deep
  • Possibility of equipping the press brake with sliding supports or bending aids
  • Total flexibility in number and length of stations
  • 52 meters of tool storage, expandable for larger press brakes
  • Hemming dies supported