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AST 80-100-122


CNC tube end-former with programmable forming, machining and rolling operations for tubes up to O.D. 100mm. The machine is provided by six working and programmable tools. Al of them can be programmed either as standard forming tools ( swaging, expanding, beading, flanging) or machining tools (facing, threading, rolling, closing, machining, cutting etc.) or a combination integrating both technologies on the same tubular component. This leads to a much higher efficiency of the working process, increases accuracy and consistency, eliminates intermediate loading and unloading and reduces cycle time. The DNC control unit automatically programmes and controls the two axes of the machine for maximum efficiency without requiring manual adjustments.

  • AST80 - tube OD max 80 mm - punching force 12.000 kg
  • AST100 - tube OD max 100 mm - punching force 18.000 kg
  • AST122 - tube OD max 100 mm - punching force 22.000 kg


Load / Unload

Thanks to the wide range of loading devices customers can choose the best solution for their needs. Following are the main features of our handling systems:

  • Special pneumatic loader with double clamp for the simultaneous load/unload. The loading cycle is contemporary to the machine cycle.
  • High-range automatic loader
  • Loading device for the sequential loading of both tube ends in automatic
  • Robots, manipulators, vibrators for the loading of bushes
  • Integration in manufacturing cells with bending stations connected by means of robots
  • Automatic collecting systems on wheels


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