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Lines to work from bars

Produtech realize high customized soluitions to work automatically copper or aluminium . Starting from the punching machine , that is the heart of the line, it is possible to develop integrated solution that allow to produce in automatic reducing the dead times connected the the continuous reprises on the parts. The line showed by the pictures is composed by a loading bar system, by a 40 tonnage punching machine equipped with 21 tools station B,C and D, by a fiber laser marking station , by a mechanism to turn the part upside down, by a milling center and finally by a buffer to storage the products and by a bending center with laser control to check and correct the bending.

The process, completely automated starts with the loading of the bar and ends with the bending of it. The line is managed by a supervisor that send the programs to be executed to the single machine of the line and that controls the status of the working process.This short movie shows the functioning of the line.

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