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Punching Lines Venti

 Punching Lines Venti High productivity.
No limit along the length.
Perfect management of the material.
Absolute precision.
Suitable for every production.
Continuous production.
Automatic download.

ALPI Venti, with 20 Tonnage of pressing power, is the top model of Produtech punching lines from coil. Thanks to the high flexibility these lines can be installed in many different fields such as: air treatment, roofs and walls production, automotive, silos and metallic structures building, light carpentry, electrical boxes, metallic furniture, perforated sheets and many other products.

An advanced CAD/CAM system allows to pass quickly from the drawing to the finished part.

Working from coil, allows the users to avoid the uneconomical and labor intensive operation to load the single sheets, and guarantee high working autonomy, as well as no limit in the length of the finished parts. Working directly from coil allows the user to save time and money, by eliminating sheet handling and pallet changing; the line can continue to work until there is no material to be punched. The chance to produce from coils already finished along the width allows to reduce the scraps.
For the movements of the punching heads linear and torque motors are used; thanks to this technology mechanical transmissions have been removed and so it is possible to guarantee high positioning precision and high speed without backlashes and wear.

The interpolation of the machine movements, such as sheet advancing thanks to overlapped gummed rollers, heads transversal movements, heads relations along 360°, hammer controlled movements allows to cut every shape or geometrical figure needed directly from coil on metallic or not metallic materials.
Thanks to the punching tools it is possible to cut every kind of holes, oblongs or notching with little or big dimensions. The high precision in the manage of the hammer allows to the punching machine to work also with rolling shears or deformation tools in an optimum way, it is possible to realize little bendings, offsets, deformation during the punching process avoiding further reprises of the pieces.

ALPI Venti CNC can manage up to two multitools unit for a maximum of 20 tools all indexed. The punching machine holds unified thick turret tools station A, B , C and D that work with quick automatic change (less than a second) CNC controlled.  Punching Lines Venti


Pressing power 20 Ton.
Maximum workable thickness 4 mm
Maximum workable width 1500 mm
Tools up to 20, all indexed. Stations A, B and C
Machines comply with “CE” directive

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