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CNC Press Brakes


The Ultima Hybrid is a new generation of press brake, powered by AC servo motors and variable speed pumps. The Ultima Hybrid is a fast, precise, energy saving and environmentally friendly state of the art press brake.

De Ultima Hybrid can safe up to 60% energy in contrast to a standard Ultima in same execution, this without loosing any speed or production capacity. There will be only a little energy consumption when the machine is idle, only from the operator pushes the footpedal till the upperbeam is back in the up position the motors will be powered on and will use energy. So no flow of oil to the tank when the machine is idle, resulting in not heating the oil.

Deratech Ultima Hybrid in std. execution: Y1-Y2,X,R,V with Touch Screen controller. As option the Hybrid can be equipped with Z1-Z2, X3, X1-X2/R1-R2/Z1-Z2, Cnc bending aid, automatic sheet thichness measuring, angle measuring.... .

Invest in the future now. Due to increasing energy costs, variable speed pump solutions are on the rise... With energy savings between 30% and 80%, the investment in the energy-efficient hydraulics. Reliability of powerful hydraulics, as well as energy efficiency and dynamics of compact electronics play hand in hand with the variable speed pumps.


Technica is a Press Brake Machine in basic but very complete in its execution. The Technica type Press Brake Machine offers the operator a heavily built, reliable machine at an economical price. The massive torsion bar together with the servo-driven mechanical depth stops guarantee high precision bending. On customer demand, the machine can furthermore be equipped with a hydraulic crowning device, a 2-axis CNC control, customer-specific tooling,…Technica is thé Press Brake Machine for customers looking for a precise machine at an economically justified price. We have these machines running successfully in India market .


Ultima is a precision CNC Press Brake Machine with hydraulic crowning in a basic but very complete configuration. The Ultima CNC Press Brake machine is equipped with 4 CNC-controlled axes (Y1-Y2, X, V).Ultima CNC Press Brake offers the user a heavily built machine that is reliable, precise CNC Press Brake Machine at an economical price. The high precision digital encoders at both sides of the machine continuously measure the movement and position of the upper beam (axes Y1-Y2). The data is processed and monitored by the CNC controller which controls the hydraulic valves. An extremely high level of accuracy is obtained during the movement and final positioning of the upper beam due to the continuous monitoring and feedback of the encoder measuring data. Using this technology, a repeatability of approximately 100% (+/- 0.01 mm) can be guaranteed. The synchro system permits two or more machines to be connected together in tandem to provide working lengths of 20 meters or longer. In the tandem configuration, the individual machines can still be used separately. We have these machines running successfully in India market.


The CNC-controlled bending aid from Deratech for Press Brake Machines prevents angle deviations during the bending of thin sheets with large dimensions. The heavy duty version of this CNC Press Brake Machine is capable of handling heavy sheet weights. Handling large plates is often not an easy job for one operator, especially with the return movement of the upper beam. In the return movement, the plate is completely loose and the operator has to handle the full weight of the sheet, it’s resulting that sometimes two people are working on one machine. The Deratech bending aid provided in the machine is a much more efficient and ergonomic solution. This is a machine in the offering to India market for precise bending applications.


The Ultima Mini bend CNC Press Brake Machine is a good example of efficient interaction between operator and machine. By proving the best working conditions to the operator and creating a user friendly environment, will result in outstanding productivity at every stage of the job. The Ultima Mini bend is one such compact ergonomically designed CNC Press Brake Machine with features like movable foot pedal, pivoting control panel, seated or semi-seated operation. The machine frame can be designed to the ergonomic needs of the operator. The Ultima Minibend is a single cylinder hydraulic Press Brake with specially designed torsionally stiff welded machine frame. Upper beam is guided by high precision linear guides for the production of small parts in the productive way meeting high volumes. The Ultima Minibend CNC Press Brake Machine is available for bending length of 1020mm with bending force of 30ton. Back gauge X/R is CNC-controlled with manual finger adjustment.

Broad Specifications

1.0 Mtr X 30 Ton CNC Press Brake
ESA550, 2D Graphical Controller , 15" Touch Screen
Single Cylinder with Linear Measuring Scale for depth 'Y'
Back Gauge 'X
Off line software
Set of Standard Tooling

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