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CNC tube and wire bending machines

Tube bending machinery

CNC wire bending machines

The CNC tube bending machines by BLM are designed for quite diversified solutions in relation to each requirement. Tube bending machines with one or two bending heads, left and/or right hand in-process bending, fixed or variable radii, up to four sets of RH mounted tooling and four sets of LH mounted tooling . Loading and unloading devices are also integrated as an option. Many are the product and process innovations that have been offered over the years, including the manufacture of variable radii in space with universal tooling designed to produce various sized radii, with the help of simple graphic programming. The wire bending machines are equipped with two reversible bending heads with clockwise /anti clockwise rotation and variable radius; the two-head tube bending machines are particularly suitable for carrying out machining operations on medium and long workpieces with many bends and/or symmetrical and/or closed workpieces, generally used in the automotive, appliances, internal and external furnishing, shop and supermarket equipment and armoured resistance sectors.

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