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OROBIA coil punching

Despite having a working power of 20 Tons, OROBIA is the entry level machine of the punching lines realized by Produtech. It is an economic, simple and rapid machine characterized by a maximum working width of 400mm, the tools are not indexed.

Its main field of use is the lightening industry, the shelving and uprights production, the electrical conduits and more; when the customer needs to produce long narrow parts without the need to rotate to punching tool then OROBIA is the cheapest and perfect solution.

Working from coil, allows the user to avoid the uneconomical and labor intensive operation to load the single sheets, and guarantee high working autonomy, as well as no limit in the length of the finished parts.

The user saves also time and money, by eliminating sheet handling and pallet changing; the line can continue to work until there is no material to be punched. The chance to produce from coils already finished along the width allows to reduce the scraps.

The straightening of the material in OROBIA line is realized directly into the punching machine reducing as much as possible the dimension of the line. OROBIA can also be installed in line with rollforming machines to pass quickly from the coil to the finished part.

The interpolation of the machine movements, such as sheet advancing (thanks to overlapped gummed rollers), head transversal movements, hammer controlled movements, allows to cut the shape needed directly from coil, on metallic or not metallic materials. The high precision in the managing of the hammer allows to the punching machine to work also with deformation tools in an optimum way avoiding further reprises of the pieces.


Power supply 380 V – 50 Hz Three phases + G
Motors Brushless
Drive CNC
Tools number N.Up to 10
Workable width max 400 mm
Workable thicknesses Max. 4 mm with carbon steel

Max. 4 mm with stainless steel
Pressing power 20 Tonnage

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