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Portable CNC Cutting Machines

M/s. STEEL TAILOR Ltd., CHINA in India market for Sales and Service support of Portable CNC Cutting Machines in addition to Plasma Power Source of varying capacities. M/S. Tech Mach Machine Tools Bangalore are pleased to introduce these machines to the India market as supplier agency. M/s. Tech Mach Machine Tools Bangalore are dealers and suppliers of reputed Portable CNC Cutting Machines.

Portable CNC Cutting Machine

Valiant is the totally upgraded version of valiant machine!

The spring loaded drive motor system, which is commonly applied in the gantry type cutting machines, was introduced in the Valiant 1.0 series. The spring system has been proven not so suitable for the cantilever type machine. Valiant 2.0 is totally upgraded to ensure the optimized structure for the cantilever type portable machine.

(Better rack and pinion quality) + (better workmanship)-spring device= higher resolution and lifetime

Valiant is totally upgraded for the cantilever type portable machines

With a higher precision in both the rack and the pinion, the spring loaded drive motor system is removed in Valiant 2.0. It overcomes the fatigue problem of the spring after a time of use. As a result, the stability and lifetime of the machine are improved.

Valiant 1.0 Valiant 2.0
Installation Normal Convenient
Maintenance Difficult Convenient
Stability Good Excellent
Vibration Normal Less
Lifetime Normal Longer

2 Year warranty for all SteelTailor products (For machines made after Jan 1 2012)

Steeltailor, the world leader of Professional portable CNC machines, presents the customers a better version Valiant machine with optimized quality. Ever since its launch, SteelTailor Valiant series portable CNC cutting machines have been favored by the customers. After a couple of years selling and service of this series, SteelTailor has received much request from the customers about the complicated and time consuming installation of the Valiant machine, which is the first version of its model. Analysis result by SteelTailor R&D team suggests a comparable shorter lifetime of that version too. To ensure the quality and brand strength, SteelTailor has totally upgraded the design of Valiant. The structure has been totally revised to enable a much longer lifetime, better precision and stability, easier installation, and smoother motion.

Portable CNC Cutting Machines Smart II

Everything of table CNC and more

1.Portable(1/6 additional weight)
  Economic (1/2 traditional price)
  Table performance beyond traditional table
  Easy assembly, Easy operation, Easy maintenance   24hours after service support

2.Steel tailor the leador of professional portable CNC machine has lanched a new
    series of products--smartII portable table CNC cutting machine
  SmartII is a revolution of traditional table CNC cutting machine. It is portable and     economical.
   For less than 50% of the budjet for a traditional bench, you can have the state-of-art Smart      II bench!
   Smart II is a machine you are going to love!

3.Smart II VS Table

Traditional table CNC Smart II
Weight 1500kg 240kg
Assembly Difficult Easy
Comissioning Difficult Easy
Maintainance Difficult Easy
Precision 0.2mm 0.2mm
Longituidinal drive type single Dual drive

2 Year warranty for all SteelTailor products (For machines made after Jan 1 2012)

Portable CNC Cutting Machines Smart III

---Portable Table Cutter, Affordable and Powerful

Technological Superiority
1.adaptable for both plasma cutting and flame cutting
2.Dual-side precision slider system mounted on both sides of the cross beam; increasing the
  machine stability by reducing machine vibration
3.Build with steeltailor guarantied components and parts which are practical and easy to assemble
4.Integrated design allows easy installation;
 With one set of allen wrench and 24screws, Assembly done with one hour

SteelTailor SMART series Generalities

1.F4 concept
Friendly in Transportation; Friendly in Installation
Friendly in operation; Friendly in Maintenance
2.Dual drive system, that can handle more weight
3.Table structural design, combines stability and portability;
4.High precision dual shift linear guide
Graphical controller, compatible with cam softwares

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