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Portable Gantry CNC Cutting Machines

M/s. STEEL TAILOR Ltd., CHINA in India market for Sales and Service support of Portable Gantry CNC Cutting Machines in addition to Plasma Power Source of varying capacities. M/S. Tech Mach Machine Tools Bangalore are pleased to introduce these machines to the India market as supplier agency. M/s. Tech Mach Machine Tools Bangalore are dealers and suppliers of reputed Portable Gantry CNC Cutting Machines.

Economical Gantry CNC cutting machine Dragon I

Dragon-1 Portable Gantry CNC cutting machine

Portable gantry
Cut as a wide as 3.5m(11feets)!
Dual drive, more stable!
Easy installation

Portable Gantry

As presized and stable as traditionally gantry!
Cut as a wide as 3.5m(11feets)!
Easy installation and adjustments by users!

After succefully launched the portable cantilever and the portable gantry CNC cutting machine, steelTailor the world leader in portable CNC machine, has newly realesed its portable gantry!

The portable gantry is named by steelTailor as dragon gantry CNC cutting machine. Its cutting width can reach as wide as 3.5meters(11feet). The length can be extended as need.The precision is as good as Traditional Gantry machine.

Note1: Effective cutting length can be adjusted according to the need of custemor. 3000mm, 400mm, 5000mm.......maximum length:1500mm

2 Year warranty for all SteelTailor products (For machines made after Jan 1 2012)

Economical Gantry CNC cutting machine Dragon II

Advantages of SteelTailor DragonII
1.No need of computer
2.Plasma/oxy-fuel cutting;Dual drive
3.Save money:replace most of the traditional cutting requirements, saving up to 50% of the cost
4.Match with high-power plasma power
5.SteelTailor quick cable connector is available for deeply integrating with Hypertherm and Kjellberg plasma.

Features of SteelTailor DragonII :
It is a new type, powerful enough to replace the traditional CNC cutting machines. After 3 years, this newly-upgraded DRAGON II gantry cutting machine significantly improved the performance of plasma and flame THC, making the whole machine more durable. With a capability of equipping with high-power plasma power,it is fully demonstrated the maturity of portable cutting technology originated by SteelTailor.

Why Choose Dragon II? Portable gantry CNC cutting machine!

Flame with automatic ignition system; Improve safety performance and capability of controlling gas circuit;
Support Nesting, nesting software for free
So portable

Larger cutting thickness, better cutting quality

Dual drive, reinforced mechanical structure, be able to equip with high-power plasma;

Match with most of the plasma powers

SteelTailor made an independent R&D on THC detector, which can simulate part of arc voltage output signal of plasma offered by customers.

2 Year warranty for all SteelTailor products (For machines made after Jan 1 2012)

Economical Gantry CNC cutting machine G3

Steel Tailor
Portable Gantry CNC cutting machine

Best price!SteelTailor G3 Gantry cutting machinecan match with high definition plasma cutter!

Support Oxy-fuel Plasma
(POWERMAX45/65/85/105/125; MAXPRO200; HPR130,HPR260...
Water table optional ;
H-beam towline groove are optional.
SteelTailor G3 Gantry cutting machine

SteelTailor G3 gantry cutting machine was well designed after integrating decades of industrial experience and customers feedback on gantry cutting machine.With concept of simple and beautiful‌, SteelTailor G3 CNC flame cutting machine enjoys highest cutting performance and lowest manufacturing cost..

Steel Tailor G3 Gantry CNC cutting machine Advantages

SteelTailor G3 gantry CNC cutting machine has advantages in cutting large sized thick metal plates or the other heavy duty tasks, which can satisfy the customers’ requirements for mass production in industries of automobile, shipbuilding and engineering machinery, etc.
The self developed and patented intelligent NC system ensures a more efficient and stable operation; The integrated THC function and userfriendly operating system largely lower the requirements for technicians. Besides, high temperature annealing treatment and international standard design of positioning precision make the cutting precision get to what customers require.
What’s more, easy switch between oxy fuel and plasma, mounting of 2 torches, both improve productivity. With its overwhelming techniques and high qualities, G3 CNC plasma cutting machine offers an economical and advanced cutting solution for customers.

High Quality, High Performance, Superb Techniques Beyond All!

Tube and Pipe CNC Cutting Machine

Steel TailorTM TubeTailor

Always believe in yourself Simple efficient! Economical cutting solution! Ф60~Ф260mm, Wall thickness ≤8mm.

TubeTailor CNC Cutting Machine!
1. No need for computer;
2. No need for nesting software easy operation;
3.Vibration reduction techniques;
4. Most industrial jobs are available in the controller library itself;
5. Electric up and down lift to protect the torch and improve the cutting quality.

SteelTailorTMTubeTailor I CNC Cutting Machine!
Cutting tubes easily in 3 minutes!
TubeTailor I was designed with unique and portable concept as SteelTailor enjoyed. Instead of complicated and costly control system and equipment, TubeTailorI chooses 2D structure.
No complicated operation settings required!

Technical Features

Hoe to use
Select graphics by controller - Set up parameters - Cut

Three major functions;
1.Truncation cutting: any angle is available
2.Tee junction cutting : branch section is adjustable continuous cutting to main tube with multi-point punching
3.Elbow section cutting:any segment can be cut

Program code can be checked and saved in controller or USB Vibration reduction technique ensures stability and brings better cutting quality.

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