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IDM Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting And Engraving Machines


Economical Metal & Non-Metal Laser Cutting Machine

2mm steel plate & 20mm acrylic, one machine!

IDMLASERTM COOL200 is a CO2 laser cutting machine. COOL200 is able to meet customers’ different requirements for sheet metal and nonmetal cutting, e.g.carbon steel, stainless steel, acrylic plates, die_making board, etc. With unique technical advantages and high performance against cost, COOL200 offers an economical laser cutting solution to customers. As the leading product in its sector, COOL200 features low operating cost, long service life and easy maintenance with 200W CO2 laser generator.

Cost-effective Laser Cutting Application

Sheet metal processing: automobile industry, metal plate processing industry, etc.;

Laser Cutting And Engraving Machines

Fiber Laser Cutter Series laser cutting machine

Applicable material and industry

High precision cutting all kinds of metal material, such as stainless
steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper,  alloy,  mild steel, gold sheet,
applied in  metal  processing  industry   such  as sheet metal,
advertising, kitchen ware, cutter, hardware etc.

Function Advantages

  1. Certificates: ISO, CE Standard.
  2. High cutting speed and efficiency: cutting speed range can reach 0-18 m/min.
  3. Perfect cutting quality: cutting surface smooth and fine edge, small distortion.
  4. High stability: Specialized casting lathe bed and crossbeam.
  5. High cutting precision: Adopting Germany IPG/USA Coherent laser,Taiwan/Japan transmission system, Japanese Yaskawa/Mitsubishi servo motor etc, all parts are imported.
  6. Low cost: Energy-saving, environmental and high photoelectric conversion.
  7. Maintenance-free: The life of laser is up to 100000 hours.

Laser cutting and Marking machine

IDMLASER CLAYA V-1325 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Advantages of Claya V-1325 CNC laser cutting machine

1.Smaller focal spot, better cutting quality.
2. New laser generator with high performance, Claya V-1325 CNC fiber laser cutting machine price enjoy remarkable advantage.
3.The maintenance of  Claya V-1325 laser cutting machine cost is extremely low:no need of laser working gas; no need to debug optical path.


  1. Specialized laser generator with high efficiency
  2. High-precision Z axis height control
  3. Highly-stable machine tool
  4. Optical system with preview function
  5. Heavy-load design
  6. Red Light Indicator

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